The M.E. Crew

The M.E. Staff Team

President & General Manager: Kyohei 
Contact: Facebook |-| Mail
Creator of Midnight Ecstasy and responsible for managing the club, website, hosts, and maids in general. Kyohei is a really busy person, so please do not bother him with junk. If you wish to join the club or have serious inquiries, you may contact him via facebook or mail. 

Vice-President & Maid: Natsu
Contact: Blog |-| Plurk |-| Formspring
One of the creators of Midnight Ecstasy as well, she manages in general and is also our cute maid. Again, please do not bother her with junk. If you have inquiries, you may contact her via her blogger, plurk, or formspring. Other contact informations might or might not be disclosed later. Follow her please x]

Manager & Host: Keichi
Contact: Blog |-| Plurk |-| Formspring |-| Fanpage
Creator of a host club before and decided to give all and focus on Midnight Ecstasy. Helps manages the club, hosts, maids, and is a host. A busy person, so replies are slower. Still, if you have inquiries related to the club, a reply will most likely be given very soon. Contact via any of the sites provided and follow please x」

Advisor & Maid: Mai
Contact: Formspring
One of the admin crew and a generous helper to our club, as well as help manage it sometimes. Also, a maid of Midnight Ecstasy. If you have inquiries, you may contact her via formspring. Other sites will be disclosed soon. As always, follow please ^^

Website Designer: Miki
Contact: To be disclosed
Website manager and designer. A great helper to us. Information currently undisclosed and might be disclosed soon. Related to web-designing inquires should go to the managers Kyohei or Keichi for now. 

Graphics Designer: Dejan
Contact: Facebook 
Graphics designer and a major helper. Without her, we'd be dying with over work. She put a lot of her time into helping us, so please do not contact her with random requests such as "can you help me edit my picture?" etc. First, it is her choice. Second, she is a busy woman in real life as well. Can never thank her enough for helping us.

[Other hosts and maids information will be added soon]