December 19, 2010


I've been out of it these days. Somehow I kinda feel sick of everything online that has nothing to do with what I can see, touch, and hear in real life. I get quite pissed when someone I don't want to talk to randomly IMs me, but I'm too nice to tell them to "fuck off." [& Juki, if you're reading this, I do NOT mean you. Actually, in general, anyone working for M.E. I'm quite happy to talk to]

After my exam on the 31st and the Christmas Event of the club that is coming up, I get an 18 days school break left. I think I'm going to take a hiatus from the club for a while. Unless I get too bored, then I'll get on, but then my hiatus would be moved to when school opens. In any case, I need at least a week off, but I'm actually thinking of being off for the whole 18 days. 

It's quite tiring to be a manager after all. To think how much stress our Manager-san must have. Time and time again, rules are made and things are announced, but no one follows them. It makes me pissed to see that.

Then again, it's probably not something to worry over, my foul mood will be over as soon as I get to drink freely again. I haven't had a drink in ages (=w=)

My damned hair is probably what I need to worry about most, I cut it too damn short and now I look like a normal Chinese, fake, tomboy, Ulzzang. Tomboy eh? (=_=)"'' I need to find a better way to style it soon, and style it so that it actually lasts and not come flopping back to ugly tomboy ulzzang again.

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