November 22, 2010


Finally I'm updating again ._. damn I kind am a fail blogger x] and what's this? On blogger for so long and no comments? No one reading? LOL

Anyways, I changed the banner above x] finally and here it is, one of my favorite shots using webcam, which I haven't touched in ages.

Ma, I've got to go soon, I want to watch another EP of Conan before bed, and I have to perform a drama tomorrow... as a Prince... who gives off an impression of a dork more than a cool guy... damn ._.

Oh, one for thing, Midnight Ecstasy is planning to open on the 25... personally, I don't know how it'll be like, but here's one excerpt of up-coming event/ideas for the club: frequent customers might get to webcam with a host/maid. & of course, I'm on that list... well, it just depends if you want to request for me or not ne?

November 11, 2010


It's almost time for Midnight Ecstasy to open. Pretty exciting, huh? I'm really looking forward to it, seeing the club open would really relieve me of some of my stress, worries, etc.

Well, just to get to the point, it's been a hard few weeks for me and I'm honestly not in the best of my moods, but the club opening would really raise my moods up a bit, so please lend me your support for it to all go smoothly.

I'm getting busy with life, but I'll keep trying to update this blog and ameblo when I can. Probably the best way to find me would be to come to the club (laughs) but seriously, I don't think I'll have much time to even reply to the wall posts on facebook.

& finally, a picture of me blonde with Vivienne Westwood-like earrings (laugh) I'm a sucker for that brand though I have no money to afford anything of it. The hair color won't last long though, it keeps changing. I need to bleach again, but I'm already in enough trouble at the moment. Got to wait till next month at least =="
That's all for now... though I know I wrote a lot. Bad writer's habit (sad laugh). Also, come visit us ne~