About Midnight Ecstasy

Midnight Ecstasy is an online maid and host club dedicated to making people's lives a bit more fun by introducing the maid cafe and host club concepts into an online world. You don't have to be in Japan nor do we, for all you know, we could be in your country! 
We are, of course, from many various countries and we often share the same mutual interest of liking Japan as well as the same type of charisma. 
To be opened in November, we've all been working hard together to make this project come to live and we sincerely hope to get your support. We'll be here in the club, waiting for you. 
While some of you might not appreciate what we do, we only ask that you respect us and our friends as normal human beings. We care for our customers and our co-workers so we would not allow anything bad to be said or done to and about them. 

Thank you for your time and support,
Host: Keichi

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