November 22, 2010


Finally I'm updating again ._. damn I kind am a fail blogger x] and what's this? On blogger for so long and no comments? No one reading? LOL

Anyways, I changed the banner above x] finally and here it is, one of my favorite shots using webcam, which I haven't touched in ages.

Ma, I've got to go soon, I want to watch another EP of Conan before bed, and I have to perform a drama tomorrow... as a Prince... who gives off an impression of a dork more than a cool guy... damn ._.

Oh, one for thing, Midnight Ecstasy is planning to open on the 25... personally, I don't know how it'll be like, but here's one excerpt of up-coming event/ideas for the club: frequent customers might get to webcam with a host/maid. & of course, I'm on that list... well, it just depends if you want to request for me or not ne?


  1. Mana looks so awesome *-*

  2. How can one request you as a host,Mana?
    btw,nice bracelet

  3. Thank you minna x)
    & @Andy you probably figured out already ;D just go to the page and make a new post with the host name in it.